Welcome to Collectors Heritage

Collector's Heritage brings decades of experience through its knowledgeable staff- researching, developing and bringing important and prestigious arms & armor from all over the world to you.  Featured brands include Marto of Spain, Windlass Steelcrafts of India, Atlanta Cutlery and Museum Replicas of the USA. 

Through long standing relationships with these makers we can bring a wide range of their fine products to you for competitive prices.  We understand the hunger for well researched and well made historically accurate and battle worthy weapons for the growing interest and curiosity they provide. The finest materials and high detail often overlooked by others adorns every item offered by Collector's Heritage.  From Greek and Medieval to the Renaissance we've acquired a wealth of information that was gathered from various museums, experts and private collections around the world, to scout for sword smiths and manufacturers to give you the quality you demand and deserve.

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