Collectors Heritage Launches Flagship Showroom in Noida

Collectors Heritage is a brand of Windlass Online Stores Private Limited which is a subsidiary of the Windlass group of companies (the world’s largest sword manufacturer). Our product range includes edged weapons, armour, helmets, non-firing guns, statues and clothing from different eras like Medieval, to the Vikings, to the Roman, Greek and Renaissance. Each weapon has been converted to an article of home and office décor, by permanently mounting it on plaques and beautifully crafted frames, without losing their accuracy. All products are unique and manufactured in house by our parent company, Windlass Steelcrafts. Till now, we had a huge online presence in India but now the customers have a chance to step in and experience the products for themselves with the launch of our flagship store in Noida Continue reading Collectors Heritage Launches Flagship Showroom in Noida

The Heroes of Humanity

Whenever the world has faced perils, they have come to the rescue. Whenever apocalypse has threatened, they have saved the day, they are the silent guardians, the defenders of our planet; they are The Heroes of Humanity.

The Heroes of Humanity consist of a legion of super-heroes who will stop at nothing to prove to the world that they too are capable and have super-powers. It is a top secret league, very judicious in its selection criteria headed by their inspiring leader and chairman – The Doorman; who has the exceptional super-power of teleporting people from one room to the other. Continue reading The Heroes of Humanity

Difference between Switch Blade Knives and Assisted Opening Knives

“How do you tell the difference between a switch blade knife and an assisted opening knife”. This is a question that is regularly asked by people since there are legal issues surrounding the switch blade knives as it is banned in most jurisdictions.

Confusion between these two types of variants also arises since there is hardly any time difference needed to open up the blades or and major difference in the form factor. So lets see the difference between these two types of folding knives. Continue reading Difference between Switch Blade Knives and Assisted Opening Knives

Where Swiss Army Knives Come From

In the year 1890, the Swiss government decided to make pocket knives for each soldier mandatory. Karl Elsener saw this as a potential business opportunity. Elsener quickly formed an alliance of fellow cutlers and set out to win the contract. However, due to competing German companies, the price offered for the knives were slashed quickly, and his colleagues started to drop out. With the aid of funds just provided by friends and family, Elsener managed to continue his enterprise. He won the government contract in 1891 and produced the first soldier’s Swiss Army knife. Continue reading Where Swiss Army Knives Come From

The Ladies in Thor: No Less than Heroes

As most superhero movies go on the surface, Thor is a movie about a masculine, hammer-wielding mighty thunder god. But it is also a sensitive portrayal of a group of human beings who are dealing with their issues.

Thor does focus on the men’s stories and not enough on the women’s stories. When it does focus on women, the film portrays them as real, rounded people with internal motivations, emotions and agency. This portrayal is virtually unique in the genre. Consider Jane, the physicist who, er, “stumbles” across Thor in the first scene and becomes his major love interest. Already, this is a departure from mainstream portrayals of women: she is a physicist, a profession that is socially-coded male, and she seems to be dedicated, passionate, and good at her job. Continue reading The Ladies in Thor: No Less than Heroes

Armoury in Medieval Warfare: A Knight’s Suit of Armour

As much as the holy crusades, the wars of the roses, the legend of King Arthur (aka Pendragon) and knighthood in general have become colloquial, there is no denying the intricacies of historic events that unfolded in Medieval Europe. The subject of many a fable, poem and even motion pictures since the silents, warfare in medieval times saw weaponry that was perfected over time, and used for one-to-one duels, as well as battlefield attacks. From axes and spears to metal suits and cannons, the legendary armoury had craftsmanship to it that is still an academic discourse, and a collector’s obsession. Continue reading Armoury in Medieval Warfare: A Knight’s Suit of Armour

Windlass: Synonymous with Superior Quality Swords

The art of sword making is an art that was handed down from generation to generation or at other times from master to apprentice. During the glorious medieval or renaissance period, there were many key sword making capitals throughout the known world. However, today only some of them remain. Though many countries produce swords, only some of them have proved creditable to produce a true battle worthy piece. Molded from the same tempered steel and forged in the traditional ways of the past, Windlass maintains a superior fusion of past and present techniques in order to create the perfect Blade which has made it one of the pioneers in sword making. Continue reading Windlass: Synonymous with Superior Quality Swords

Greece: History, Wonderland

I am a reader, I have never visited a foreign land, I travel the world through my books. And somehow, i don’t remember how, I was transported to the enchanting land of Greece. With time my interest in the history of Greece grew. Well honestly before the history came mythology, thanks to Disney for Hercules. But then as I grew up I got more curious about this far-away land that I have never seen. Everyone say there is no better teacher than experience, I beg to differ, history kicks experience’s sorry little ass. And so with my nerd guns fully loaded, I entered the world as history saw it. Continue reading Greece: History, Wonderland

The Legend of King Arthur

King Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere, Merlin, Modred … who hasn’t heard of them?  The palace of Camelot, The legend of Excalibur; Lancelot and Guinevere’s romance; Merlin the magician; and the greatest warrior of British history KING ARTHUR, his final battle against Mordred at Camlann and final rest in Avalon. Are all these merely legends or do they hold some truth? It’s for each one of us to decide. Till this date historians haven’t been able to establish the reality. Often reality and imagination mingles, and the myth of King Arthur is the greatest examples of that. Whether it is reality clouded by imagination or imagination with traces of reality, no one knows. Continue reading The Legend of King Arthur